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Solid Wood
The classic choice for pure wood lovers. The solid wood and parquet flooring we supply is precision milled and kiln-dried from trees planted on sustainable forests. Solid wood and parquet flooring offers maximum choices in appearance. There are many colours, sizes, and species available. These hardwood floor can last a lifetime with easy care and maintenance.Feel closer to nature every time you step on the solid wood floor.
Engineered Wood
The engineered wood’s top layer is genuine wood veneer and the engineered components are constructed using multiple cross-ply planks underneath, making the flooring more stable. Engineered wood flooring is typically prefinished, often with durable finishes including UV cured polyurethane for extra durability.
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Luxury Vinyl Flooring
This is a revolutionary new flooring in Singapore, also known as “water-proof laminate floor” by consumers. These wood look-alike flooring is scratch resistance, water-proof, anti-slip, quiet to walk on and easy to maintain, that is why more residential and commercial sites like offices and shopping centres are installed with this brilliant flooring.
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Outdoor Timber Decking
Timber decking are commonly installed in outdoor areas like balconies, planter boxes, and patios. The outdoor timber decking provides a sense of exotic feel, great for family members or guests to chill out at your very own resort style space.
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